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Please send your comment to HHS by April 9 to urge that the rule enforcing the protection of conscience rights for medical workers and institutions be retained!






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Excerpts from Shawn Carney’s entry for Day 17 on the blog of http://40daysforlife.com:

I’m hearing GREAT stories about the impact from Tuesday’s “Silent No More Awareness Day” at many of the 40 Days for Life vigils!

Women – and men – who’ve experienced abortion stepped forward with signs reading “I regret my abortion” and “I regret lost fatherhood.”

It’s an important step towards showing that there IS healing after abortion and there IS redemption in the merciful grace of Jesus Christ.

. . .

Silent No More Awareness Day in Toccoa, Georgia attracted the local media. Andrea spoke to a TV reporter “who had seen the women holding the signs and was glad to see women who wanted to help others, not just those who oppose abortion, standing out as a witness,” Andrea explained.

She added, “We have seen the station vehicle go by many times and we’d taken the 40 days info to the station before we began with no response until now! How awesome is our God!”

The need for post-abortion healing increases every day, but so does the invitation for hope and healing after the abortion.

Janet in Augusta, Maine asks for prayers for two young women who spoke to 40 Days for Life vigil participants. One of the girls said she’d had an abortion. She said she would not have been able to take care of the baby because she couldn’t even take care of herself.

“We told her we are not there to condemn her and God loves her. There are many families that would love to adopt children and this is an option,” Janet said.

After staying just very briefly, the girl turned to her friend and said, “I can’t handle this right now. We need to go.”

“She was very upset,” Janet noted. “She needs the type of comfort and healing that only the Lord can provide. Please pray for her.”

Yes, let’s continue to pray for that young woman and for all who are affected by abortion. Lent is approaching the halfway point, and our sacrifices of prayer, fasting, and almsgiving can continue to touch hearts and minds so that more lives and souls will be saved.

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In conjunction with the March 10 event, here are links to testimonies by former abortion providers:



There are probably other sites, but those will give you plenty to read for now.

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If you live in a location that is currently hosting a “40 Days for Life” prayer campaign, you might want to make a special effort to stop by on Tuesday, March 10. And if you don’t live in one of those locations, or your schedule won’t permit you to go there that day, please pray wherever you are. (Check for locations at

Why that particular day? Because abortion advocates are calling it “Abortion Provider Appreciation Day” and life advocates can counter that with the power of our prayers. The organizers of the 40Days effort have coordinated with the leaders of the Silent No More Awareness Campaign to have a special presence at abortion facilities on that day.

The 40 Days blog http://www.40daysforlife.com/blog/ entry for Day 9 says this:

We just sent out a news release early this morning about an important activity that will be taking place at 40 Days for Life vigils all across North America next Tuesday:

. . .

A wonderful group called Silent No More Awareness Campaign has been heavily involved with 40 Days for Life and is now calling upon those who have found healing after an abortion to stand in unified prayer at as many of the 40 Days for Life vigil sites as possible next Tuesday, March 10 — the day the abortion industry promotes its callous “Abortion Provider Appreciation Day.”

At your vigil, you may be joined by women holding signs that read, “I regret my abortion,” and men holding signs that read, “I regret lost fatherhood.”

While the abortion industry is throwing parties and patting abortionists on the back for their deadly work, thank these faithful prayer warriors for their courage to bear witness to the terrible harm caused by abortion. They know from personal experience.

Learn much more at: http://tinyurl.com/d9mcjn.

The Silent No More Awareness Campaign site
http://www.silentnomoreawareness.org/news/09-02-27-silent-no-more-40-days.htm says this:

Why March 10th? As some of you might be aware, March 10th is designated by the abortion industry as a “Thank Your Abortion Provider Day”.  They encourage women to actually send thank you notes to their abortion provider. But we know by your testimonies, you do NOT share these sentiments about the doctor that performed your abortion.

So what we want to do is on March 10 encourage men and women like you, who have registered with the Silent No More Awareness Campaign to come out to the abortion clinics, with our Silent No More “I Regret My Abortion” and “I Regret Lost Fatherhood” signs and pray with the 40 Days for Life people to say, no we do not thank our abortion providers and challenge them to listen to our voices that share the negative consequences that abortion had on us. (We’ll be praying also that the abortion provider will have a conversion of heart to stop performing abortion.)

. . .

We decided to do this because Andrea Hines and Katherine Hearn as Silent No More Regional Coordinators and 40 Days for Life Leaders put the two efforts together in their community. They said, “During the last 40 Days for Life prayer vigil in Charlotte, NC, one of the days was designated as “Silent No More Day.” It was a day that we asked those from our community that were post-abortive to bring their sign and join us for prayer at the local abortion clinic. The message of “I Regret My Abortion” during the vigil helps remind us of those that have been devastated by abortion in the past, those that are being devastated by abortion right in front of us at the abortion clinic, and the generations that will hopefully, be spared this devastation in the future. It is the post-abortive, many which have not received healing, among us in our churches, our vigils, and our families, that is one of the most important mission fields today. We believe that by SNM uniting together with the 40 Days for Life vigils on March 10, our specific prayer for a great outbreak of healing and recovery in the lives of the post-abortive will provide a great vision for what the Lord can and will do!”

The news release at http://www.christiannewswire.com/news/227769643.html says this:

“We are highly encouraged that the Silent No More Awareness Campaign is urging women and men who have found healing in the wake of abortion to stand witness in front of abortion facilities on March 10 in connection with 40 Days for Life,” said Shawn Carney, spring campaign director for 40 Days for Life. “The message of post-abortion healing plays an important role in the dismantling of the abortion culture and the construction of a new culture of life.”

. . .

The date March 10 was chosen because this is the date that the abortion industry has marked as Abortion Provider Appreciation Day. “That concept flies in the face of the destruction we know abortion causes,” said Carney, “not just for the baby whose life is taken, but for the mother, the father — and many others including extended family and friends. It is our fervent hope that women with abortion appointments on March 10 will see the silent, prayerful witness of others who have walked in their shoes, and avoid making a tragic decision that could haunt them physically, psychologically and spiritually for years and years to come.

. . .

“We have already seen evidence that the 40 Days for Life concept of prayerful vigil leads people with abortion experiences to seek healing,” said Carney. “This partnership will strengthen that message and hopefully bring others to reconciliation.”

More information is available at each of the Web sites quoted above.

Please pray all through these 40 days, combining your Lenten sacrifices with the intentions of all the pro-life movement.

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Source: http://www.usccb.org/comm/archives/2009/09-049.shtml

Pro-Life E-Mail Campaign to Congress
Expands National Postcard Effort

WASHINGTON-The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) has launched an e-mail campaign urging Congress to maintain widely-supported pro-life policies and to oppose the federal funding and promotion of abortion. The e-mail campaign augments the massive national postcard campaign launched in dioceses throughout the country in late January. Both efforts are being coordinated through the USCCB’s partner organization, the National Committee for a Human Life Amendment (NCHLA).

Since 1993, NCHLA has coordinated national postcard campaigns equipping citizens to express their pro-life views clearly and respectfully to Congress. The current campaign is unprecedented in scope, exceeding those sponsored by the Catholic bishops in the past.

Deirdre A. McQuade, Assistant Director for Policy and Communications at the USCCB’s Secretariat of Pro-Life Activities, explained the supplementary e-mail campaign. “Tens of millions of cards have been distributed in parishes, schools, non-Catholic churches, and civic organizations across the country,” she said. “The e-mail campaign will give even more citizens the chance to participate.”

The e-mails urge a constituent’s Senators and Representative to “please oppose FOCA or any similar measure” and “retain existing laws against funding and promotion of abortion.” They also state: “It is especially important that Congress retain these laws in the various appropriations bills, e.g., the Hyde Amendment in the Labor/Health and Human Services appropriations bill.”

“To guard against the erosion of current pro-life measures-and to keep abortion from becoming a federal entitlement-our voice is needed now more than ever,” McQuade said.

For more information on the USCCB’s pro-life e-mail campaign visit: www.usccb.org/postcard.

See also a related article at: http://www.lifenews.com/nat4883.html.

ACTION: Contact your members of the Senate and urge strong support for the pro-life amendments to cut funding for the pro-abortion UNFPA and Planned Parenthood. You can find contact information for any senator at

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